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"Is Your Tent Open": Mishpacha Magazine

My next Perspective piece in this week's Mishpacha is titled "Is Your Tent Open?" I'm linking it below because you'll need to see it on the Mishpacha website.

For the first time, they included my headshot on their website -- the first headshot ever of a female writer!

This wonderful development of including pictures of women can be seen on their website, as well as on their Facebook page and Twitter feed. The magazine still does not print pictures of females.

Do pictures make a difference? I have gotten lots of feedback via social media, but this one made me think:

"This is great! And when your photo is up there with the others, it really hits home the impact a photo makes in drawing in a reader and making the author relatable. It would be interesting to see how many people click on articles without a photo of the author vs how many clicks an article receives with a photo of the author."

As a woman, seeing my picture there with the other columnists somehow evens the playing field a little. Now I'm actually a real person, not just a name. And I like that.

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